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Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Womans Struggle to Maintain Composure....

A Woman's Struggle to Maintain Composure....

One woman cries in the bathroom
looking at negative pregnancy test
WISHING she could give birth to a child....

Another woman is getting dressed
looking at an empty crib
preparing for a funeral to child of SIDS

Another is at the abortion clinic
telling you it's wrong to kill its sick
While another young lady
is crying at clinic of planned parenthood
SHE didn't plan to be a parent in the hood

some have choices some don't
some wish they could have a child
some won’t.....

Someone just left the GYN
and they're getting tested for diseases
and SOME know they got that shit
but refuse to live responsibly....

but thankfully....
somebody has an unexpected pregnancy
and they are happy anyway
and somebody who was in the bathroom today
got a negative sign because it wasn't their time
and they smiled and let out a sigh
and they were in planned parenthood because
they wanted birth-control to avoid the unexpected
and someone is happy because their test results
for diseases were negative

God Bless em! Do what you need to
in order to stop stressing!
Take Good Care Of YOU!!! ♥
A Woman's Struggle to Maintain Composure....

~~ Jamie Bond

I WANT.....

I WANT.....

I want to…
Feel glimpses of my heart beating
With every other blink of my eye lid
Inside your ribcage

I want to…
Love you till I taste serendipity
In the bed sheets like a fabric softener
Especially formulated for me

I want to…
Look into your eyes and be
The refection in your dimple
Like a full length mirror
And get ready for my day

I want to…
Define my enchantment with you
By etching your initials
Into my minuets in time
And capture my most intimate
Hours trapped inside my moments

I want to…
Metaphorically scribe you into
The greatest love poem ever written
To only be read by you

I want you….
To articulate me without words
While allowing my fearless devotion
To be your daily cologne

I want to…
Ooze you without losing you
Snuggle up hun…hold me closer
Than closed pores from slapped on
Aftershave astringent on your jaw

I want to…
Make you a household name brand
While being your personal logo
As we become incorporated
Shamelessly…. []

I am….
Writing an epic love piece
That you'll never read
Because you never look at yourself
Like I do......

Chattel Slavery

Chattel Slavery

Help me they pimp me
they treat me like a whore 
in this society
they don’t ask me 
if I want to have sex they make me

sometimes watching 
these horrific acts happen
they shake hands 
and make deals without asking

concave eyes of loyalty 
I’m haunted
they don’t care 
if I want this

and when it’s all said and done
and the child is born 
I don’t see the father anymore
they don’t seem to care 
about my dignity

they seem to care less 
about my stateliness
all they see 
is my breeding abilities

I don’t get a break 
I don’t get a babysitter
they sell my kids off 
to the highest bidder
they make me do it 
again and again …
they are not my friends …

they kill me inside
my insides are scarred, 
malnourished and sick
my body is crying to be loved
and all I do is 
get humped on by them

no memorized numbers to call
I’ve tried to escape… 
tried to run far away
but they track me down 
beat me
and keep making me do it 
again and again

tears stain my cheeks 
I cry till I can’t speak
when I'm not doing what they expect
they don't give a shit about me

they can’t seem to feel my struggle
my thoughts controlled by a muzzle
I’m in a sex trafficking legacy
as a front to pay bills 
I'm miserable and lonely

When it’s all over 
I’m unwanted
no lost and found posters 
my statistics don't matter
the neighborhood watch 
doesn't even know about me either

they've become careless about my upkeep 
because they care-less about me
I'll never be recognized 
emaciated skeleton 
they've disguised me as homely

another victimless list 
I'm missing and no one’s ever noticed
filthy cages and unsanitary living conditions 
and they’re ok with this
never to be free of this puppy mill hell 
the entire operation is bogus

Loose Caboose

Loose Caboose
I think some women
Have lost the art of loving a man
but I also believe
Some men have forgotten
How to obtain respect from us
I think some women
Have grown weary of giving their all
and I believe that
Some men are trying too hard
To do themselves first and foremost
Looks like buying a car don't it?
Men want the nice whip, the kewl tires,
the smooth ride....
and women want
The comfort of the reliability
the practicality of the budget
To get where they got to go
neither wants to
Pay full price and full coverage on a hoopty
in all actuality neither should have to....
yet sometimes
Both wanna ride it till the wheels fall off
Then act like sheisty salesmen
Like they're giving you the deal of a lifetime
get it together folks! I’d rather walk! #realtalk