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Monday, September 30, 2013

moving mountains relocation fund by Summaiyah Rashaud - GoFundMe

moving mountains relocation fund by Summaiyah Rashaud - GoFundMe

 if you can help Summaiyah Rashaud & fam please do
if only a prayer SHE'LL TAKE IT!! TY
moving mountains relocation fund by Summaiyah Rashaud - GoFundMe

Sunday, September 29, 2013

after today

 lol he said: after today things will never be the same
I go I know cuz tomorrow is a new day WTF lmao
~~ Jamie Bond

Bout 2 get my baby

 Bout 2 get my baby

The streets

Manuel 'Finale' Allen
The streets was his Motha, weaned him off sour milk of her concrete tits while still a lil fella, bitter was to be this brutha, after all the she than spoon fed'em, he became even mo rotten, real life fall downs scrapes bruises n bumps, nutured him into a cut throat, out of the gutter he came crawling, as soon as he started walking, the bad pathway would follow and every year bout this time, a brutha will lay his life fo her n die...

Jamie Bond Shades not needed cuz she always watching keys don't exist cuz tha dame got tha game on lock earth gave birth to hustlers explored by every soul breathing touched by em all but don't always embrace em back nothin' cute bout her street soldiers the frontline got acute hearing nd answers the silent calls swaps hearts out like she turned in leased vehicles they be wildin answering the call of the wild like dog whistles call em Katz Mammas boys cuz unless they die they ain't leaving her..... - IBJB

IBJB 7-9-7 haiku

3 nails + 1 cross = 4 given

By me harboring grudges
Doesn't enhance the life-cycle nor
Lifestyle I am living
-IBJB 7-9-7 haiku

that bitch better be reppin me right

at least once a week someone says I look familiar I smile like that bitch better be reppin me right LOL --IBJB

ghoulish? – IBJB

Danger danger forest fires park rangers GET IT? park ranger gets fired for forests fires LOL
Who tempted her to unleash the beast with her temper who's foolishness got her bout to get ghoulish? – IBJB

slow ya roll homey ‪#‎jamieallday

 It's not that I'm NOT built like that
It's that I'm built better than that! slow ya roll homey ‪#‎jamieallday‬

lol ‪#‎DietingSucks‬ ‪#‎jamieALLday‬

 I only been with you for about 24 hrs and already im sick of your ass ...
Incompatible relationship lol ‪#‎DietingSucks‬ ‪#‎jamieALLday‬

IBJB ATI series

 A man who treats his princess like a woman is a direct descendant of a king that was raised in the untiring arm's of queen - IBJB ATI series

IBJB ‪#‎nonstopmonster‬ LOL

 He said that I'm his beautifully written day thinking I might have to make him rewrite me this evening ---- IBJB ‪#‎nonstopmonster‬ LOL

Love ya mom!

There are a lot of parents out there
that come in all forms the would be
~ the wouldn't be
~ the could and couldn't be
~ the should and shouldn't be
~ those who if they could be could be kinda iffy
~ the wish to be
~ wish they weren't but have to be
~ and everyone in between

Lest we not forget about the empty nest
-the ones that used to be
there's those that were
- was theirs and wish they still could be
And last but not least I pay homage
to the Battling Goddesses and the Single Fathers
the it is what it is
without the complaint department
YOU be that MOM, MOTHER and or MOMMY
loving unconditionally as your duty and honor!!
Dedicated to my mother
because she’s so many things to myself,
my family and friends and so many others
And I see a lil bit of you in the entire being of her
Love ya mom!
Jamie Bond

Bond..... Jamie Bond....

Bond..... Jamie Bond....that indestructible substance solidifying words to rhyme and purpose. JB is one of the ILLEST LYRICIST my ears have ever had the pleasure to read with a flow that's like a serious hip-hop head nod. But more importantly she is a very down to earth chic who encourages and supports all of us in the artistic community. Love you Jamie.
~~ Barbara Trawick (Bee) Miami, Florida
Radio Show Host of THE HIVE

I be JB ~~ Jamie Bond from Unmutedink

 Dawg I know ya hear me growl
like my saliva is on the prowl
stuck wrists havin contractions
like I'm SO fly I scribe on flypaper
I APE these sheets swattin INK from skyscrapers
labor spyt birthed bleeding into the paper
be lookin like a Venus flytrap and they on the menus
my cactus pens scribing screaming on venues
Talkin bout GUESS WHO?!?!
on sandpaper textured cupcakes
for the sake of keepin your mental safe
Sometimes I have to
RE-INTRODUCE myself to the public sectors
My Brick City Hellos become HELL NO's
in a matter of seconds
Get familiar with the killa
don't let them dimples fool ya in the least
I can get gritty quickly be like F tha POLICE!
I be JB ~~ Jamie Bond from Unmutedink