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Sunday, September 29, 2013

I be JB ~~ Jamie Bond from Unmutedink

 Dawg I know ya hear me growl
like my saliva is on the prowl
stuck wrists havin contractions
like I'm SO fly I scribe on flypaper
I APE these sheets swattin INK from skyscrapers
labor spyt birthed bleeding into the paper
be lookin like a Venus flytrap and they on the menus
my cactus pens scribing screaming on venues
Talkin bout GUESS WHO?!?!
on sandpaper textured cupcakes
for the sake of keepin your mental safe
Sometimes I have to
RE-INTRODUCE myself to the public sectors
My Brick City Hellos become HELL NO's
in a matter of seconds
Get familiar with the killa
don't let them dimples fool ya in the least
I can get gritty quickly be like F tha POLICE!
I be JB ~~ Jamie Bond from Unmutedink