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Sunday, August 11, 2013

house of mirrors

hmmm if...if I could just tilt my head to be at a distorted angle so that as I heard you talkin ...the lies could fall outta the other ear easily then maybe... maybe I see what you're saying while you're flappin your gums... I hear ya... but I'm not listening ....your lips have been black listed ...your actions distorted in the house of mirrors... ijs
~~ Jamie Bond


Saturday, August 10, 2013

lessons in blessings

sometimes the blessings are there waiting for us to welcome them in to stay because there is a prayer answered with a lesson in each one....
over the past few weeks I have had time to reflect on my direction
I'm no longer floating around... my sails are up with a compass and I have a destination in sight ... back then I wanted better for them but I realized I need better for myself first... and so begins the journey of yet another level of maturity about me... it wasn't missing... it was dormant waiting for me to notice it, invite it in and prepare for it to infest my life <3 p="">