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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Love ya mom!

There are a lot of parents out there
that come in all forms the would be
~ the wouldn't be
~ the could and couldn't be
~ the should and shouldn't be
~ those who if they could be could be kinda iffy
~ the wish to be
~ wish they weren't but have to be
~ and everyone in between

Lest we not forget about the empty nest
-the ones that used to be
there's those that were
- was theirs and wish they still could be
And last but not least I pay homage
to the Battling Goddesses and the Single Fathers
the it is what it is
without the complaint department
YOU be that MOM, MOTHER and or MOMMY
loving unconditionally as your duty and honor!!
Dedicated to my mother
because she’s so many things to myself,
my family and friends and so many others
And I see a lil bit of you in the entire being of her
Love ya mom!
Jamie Bond