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Sunday, September 29, 2013

The streets

Manuel 'Finale' Allen
The streets was his Motha, weaned him off sour milk of her concrete tits while still a lil fella, bitter was to be this brutha, after all the she than spoon fed'em, he became even mo rotten, real life fall downs scrapes bruises n bumps, nutured him into a cut throat, out of the gutter he came crawling, as soon as he started walking, the bad pathway would follow and every year bout this time, a brutha will lay his life fo her n die...

Jamie Bond Shades not needed cuz she always watching keys don't exist cuz tha dame got tha game on lock earth gave birth to hustlers explored by every soul breathing touched by em all but don't always embrace em back nothin' cute bout her street soldiers the frontline got acute hearing nd answers the silent calls swaps hearts out like she turned in leased vehicles they be wildin answering the call of the wild like dog whistles call em Katz Mammas boys cuz unless they die they ain't leaving her..... - IBJB