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Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Womans Struggle to Maintain Composure....

A Woman's Struggle to Maintain Composure....

One woman cries in the bathroom
looking at negative pregnancy test
WISHING she could give birth to a child....

Another woman is getting dressed
looking at an empty crib
preparing for a funeral to child of SIDS

Another is at the abortion clinic
telling you it's wrong to kill its sick
While another young lady
is crying at clinic of planned parenthood
SHE didn't plan to be a parent in the hood

some have choices some don't
some wish they could have a child
some won’t.....

Someone just left the GYN
and they're getting tested for diseases
and SOME know they got that shit
but refuse to live responsibly....

but thankfully....
somebody has an unexpected pregnancy
and they are happy anyway
and somebody who was in the bathroom today
got a negative sign because it wasn't their time
and they smiled and let out a sigh
and they were in planned parenthood because
they wanted birth-control to avoid the unexpected
and someone is happy because their test results
for diseases were negative

God Bless em! Do what you need to
in order to stop stressing!
Take Good Care Of YOU!!! ♥
A Woman's Struggle to Maintain Composure....

~~ Jamie Bond