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Sunday, August 24, 2014

I WANT.....

I WANT.....

I want to…
Feel glimpses of my heart beating
With every other blink of my eye lid
Inside your ribcage

I want to…
Love you till I taste serendipity
In the bed sheets like a fabric softener
Especially formulated for me

I want to…
Look into your eyes and be
The refection in your dimple
Like a full length mirror
And get ready for my day

I want to…
Define my enchantment with you
By etching your initials
Into my minuets in time
And capture my most intimate
Hours trapped inside my moments

I want to…
Metaphorically scribe you into
The greatest love poem ever written
To only be read by you

I want you….
To articulate me without words
While allowing my fearless devotion
To be your daily cologne

I want to…
Ooze you without losing you
Snuggle up hun…hold me closer
Than closed pores from slapped on
Aftershave astringent on your jaw

I want to…
Make you a household name brand
While being your personal logo
As we become incorporated
Shamelessly…. []

I am….
Writing an epic love piece
That you'll never read
Because you never look at yourself
Like I do......