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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Loose Caboose

Loose Caboose
I think some women
Have lost the art of loving a man
but I also believe
Some men have forgotten
How to obtain respect from us
I think some women
Have grown weary of giving their all
and I believe that
Some men are trying too hard
To do themselves first and foremost
Looks like buying a car don't it?
Men want the nice whip, the kewl tires,
the smooth ride....
and women want
The comfort of the reliability
the practicality of the budget
To get where they got to go
neither wants to
Pay full price and full coverage on a hoopty
in all actuality neither should have to....
yet sometimes
Both wanna ride it till the wheels fall off
Then act like sheisty salesmen
Like they're giving you the deal of a lifetime
get it together folks! I’d rather walk! #realtalk