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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WE SUPPORT The Indie Artists

Please do not put me in the same circle as everyone else
Because I am who I say I am…
I am unapologetic-ally, wholeheartedly and wholesomely ME.
I can't speak on WHY everyone else does or doesn’t do what they do
I only can speak for me on this matter….

At UNMUTED INK and WKPJB 103.9 The Indie Storm
WE SUPPORT The Indie Artists and Altho I am sure that my co hosts
Kelligraphy Pens and Chamber Seven feel the same way which is:

We have these shows because we love poetry, R&B, Jazz, soul, rock nd roll ALL OF IT!! and we offer it to the public as a showcased platform because they are forms of recognition for the artists and the art forms they represent.

I hustle on your behalf dedicating well over 500 virtual and phone hours PER FEATURE sharing your links and movements for free because I believe in you no other reason no hidden agenda I'm just passionate bout it …

PLEASE SUPPORT our featured indie artists by listening to the shows and sharing the archives, sharing their links, purchasing their products and writing reviews as well as recommending them to your family and friends That's what it’s really about....
We can spot light them but you all hold the torches to keep the light shining
Thank You Fam ~~ Jamie Bond

WE SUPPORT The Indie Artists