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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Untamed Pen by Lisa N. Wiley pseudonym LeeLee Ain’t Msbehavin’

 About the Author:

Lisa N. Wiley pseudonym LeeLee Ain’t Msbehavin’ is a rare gem so sit back and be prepared to for her to enchant you with her emotional honesty.

Her poetic biography clearly shows you that her life is far from perfect but perfectly far from being disastrous, she has the uncanny ability to open her heart and make you feel what she’s saying in every chapter, writing style and subject matter in her genre of choice. She can easily take the reader on realistic voyager excursions thru her flying carpet or voyeuristic word play. You definitely feel like a tourist in her world here. 

Lisa is the first born and was a preemie to parents Yvonne Culberson and David Wiley Sr. (Mr. & Mrs. Wiley) everything she did from arriving to surviving in this world has been a triumphant challenge that she’s boldly accepted; born to a mother of a twin LeeLee has twin siblings she has 3 sisters and 1 brother. She was born and raised in California she attended Taylor Skills School and Edison High School class of 1987. Lisa is the parent of 2 sons; Joel and Jaylon and for the past 2 decades has worked in the school system with special need children. Lisa is always finding balance in her fearless emotional tightrope. This poetess makes lifelong friends easily and has a grip on her singularity of purpose she has mastered the art of highlighting her flaws to the point where you forgot she wasn’t perfect.

What you’ll love about this author is what you’ll hate about her as well, which is; her brutal honesty, strength and courage to tell it like it is; she isn’t afraid to reveal her soul to the world in each stanza. Her outspokenness is a character flaw to be admired, because she is all for the underdog. LeeLee is a huge supporter of others in the indie artist community and beyond. She loves a good challenge and anything coming too easily can quickly loose her interest. She is a success story always evolving.

Through her words, she constantly shows her uncompromisingly loveable individualism and raw integrity. Her memories, victories, setbacks, joys and pain bleed through her ink pen making you want to hug her and join the throng in congratulating her endless potential of resilience and determination to get back on her feet when knocked down by life.

Sometimes it can be a pity party that she only tells you about after she’s wiped her tears and doesn’t care if you were invited or not. Her audacious courage would make ANYBODY feel like no mountain is too high.
From young to old, male or female you’ll appreciate the various facets of Ms. Wileys’ mindset. She is definitely in control of her feelings on the subject matter at hand.

Her debut poetry book; Untamed Pen, may be what gets her in the door but believe me it’s unquestionably her unapologetic moxie that’ll keep her there for years to come. So when you think of LeeLee Ain’t Msbehavin’ these words should come to mind Untamed Pen, ALL Woman, Every Woman, Loved Daughter, Mom, Aunt, Cousin, Sister, Friend, Real, Funny, Honest, Loyal, Courageous, Expressive, BIG FLIRT, Poet, Writer, Spoken Word Artist, Author, Lecturer, Supporter & An UnMuted Ink Administrator.

Lisa can usually be found in the cheer-leading section of her all-time favorite spot called Poetry By The Bay in Vallejo, California every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month but the best place to connect with her would be via email at and of course on her fan page Msbehavin's Madness at:


Jamie Bond from UnMuted Ink