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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dis-Engaged by Jamie Bond The Year of the Poet ~ January 2014


A promise of no drama
Is what you offered me
But instead of heaven
I kept on smelling
Singed feathers upon your wings
Every embrace left a blemish
As if I changed a flat tire in a white shirt
Every goodbye felt easy like
Sunday morning … it never hurt
You’ve managed to
Deactivate my solitude
Like you always do
Successfully stolen my hollowness
By filling this void with you
Kept trying to sell me on invested time
As if Dow Jones really cared
But I never had stock in your lies
Just this seasonal time share
You encouraged me to give you
Yet another chance with me
Baby I'm bleeding truths in this truce
But you’re slowly killing me
How does a bouquet of ragweed
Become a blessing
To someone with allergies
Trust was the stem you cut
And exterminated
Terminated our would be life
With your pesticide lies
Each flower has got only one shot
At blossoming
How does loving you with my all
Give you the best of me
If you keep trying to
Change and rearrange
Brick City chunks of me
….You're a destination
Not my destiny…
~~ Jamie Bond The Year of the Poet ~ January 2014 

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