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Thursday, April 15, 2010

"She called me poetry"

"She called me poetry"

nyla liked this pic and she said:

Nyla Alisia
You are so beautiful! This picture, your smile, now THAT is poetry!
... ohhhh ...okay.. Your writing prompt: "She called me poetry"

my response:

Jamie Bond

she glimpsed at my soul and took a double take
she said hello poetry where have you been?
my response was humble I knew it was inspiration...
I smiled back like a camera flash anxious to begin
but I held back and said I'd love to share but I'm scarred
of what? she asked; giggling I dunno I responded
I haven't written about it yet...
so many wonderful things fluttering around my mind
like trying to catch butterflies without a net
my favorite one is out of reach and I wait for it to land
my thoughts scattered and so simply unique
like every grain of sand...
so I write and type and I think and I sigh
and when I feel strongly about it I get an audience
but when it feels too personal I mute the audio
the very fact that I graduated and no one asks for credentials
paying student loans and my thought process requires very little potential
it feels effortless and I seem disenchanted
but my opinion matters to of the most important people in my life
courage, consciousness and inspiration they are to Me Myself & I
~~ IBJB 4/13/10

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