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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Champ's Words Is Jamie's Bond ( Champ/Jamie Bond Collaboration)

Champ's Words Is Jamie's Bond

(Da Champ/Jamie Bond Collaboration)

Da Champ

Today and forevermore
my love for you is enshrined in
the depths of my
heart. You have personified all that
I need to be whole in the essence of a
Phenomenal Woman. Grander of
happiness is upon my chest, when I feel your
warmth near my beating aorta
I take this moment
to conjure up some bravery to utter
the words that have been imprisoned
in my cortex for far to long. I have bravado in my
words, but to speak into your eyes and see
what has been given unto an unworthy soul
such as mine is my honor
Allow me to say this will all sincerity

Jamie Bond

every job i walk into i make no outside friendships
i asses the group and call none of them friends cuz its bullshit
because i know I'm gonna be these folks boss someday
so i remain distantly fair but impersonal
cuz I'm all about the business
i was hired to tend to no clicks allowed
but if you were there one look and
I'd have had to request my pink slip
cuz yo
game recognize game and a queen knows her king
make 6 figures and can't figure out shit I'dda had to quit
because love and work surely don't mix
unless of course we own the business
so i say to you champ from day one
you had me when we connected
you're poetic flow i admire and deeply respect it
in your time of need; call on me your a few hours away
wutcha need? be it a hug, a back rub or a sounding board
loyalty unwavering be my statement and I'll be ur underscore
forever etched like a tattoo my heart is forever yours
my business is pleasure when it comes to you
friends forever stick to you like gum on ur shoe!
you need a nigga faded then lemme grab my clippers
cuz when i say i love you too its from the heart not the zipper

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