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Thursday, April 15, 2010

23 Psalm of Jamie

23 Psalm of Jamie

23 Psalm of Jamie

Expression is my outlet I shall always have It maketh me write the feelings I can not repress

Responsibly when consciously shared it restoreth me if someone can identify with what’s said

And even as I walk thru the ghetto I fear not a one, no crack head, not even a thug with a gun

My paper and pen are prepared for me as I am the conductor of all which flows thru me

In the presence of all enemies I remain unfazed it is my right as an advocate it is my creed

For these channel of thoughts runneth over as I’m am just a liaison between worlds

Surely goodness and love are my karma as I spit my thoughts and bring em forward

~~IBJB 4/14/2010

7 lines challenge... ( JAMIE )

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