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Saturday, March 15, 2014

giving and getting advice

Someone asked me who I go to for advice
my answer was this: I usually don't need advice but when I do
I ask people who know what they're talking about
I'm specific with my questions
I ask people who have something i want
or are doing something I aspire to achieve

I personally don't take advice from people who are STILL learning
WHY?? Because I refuse to become their guinea pigs
I refuse to allow others to implant seeds out helplessness in me
know the difference between ideas/ suggestions vs advice/ opinions 
if I want to build a business
I'm gonna ask someone who has done it already
NOT someone trying simple as that

all that we can learn together stuff is OK in rare occasions
yes there's some things you'll have to learn on your own
but be weary of those still making mistakes being too helpful

Before you ask for support learn how to support
before you ask for help learn how to be of assistance to others
before you declare you need a friend be a real friend
sometimes people will have no use for others
and yet most folks already know how to use others
don't take peoples word for it there are bootleg ways to do things
if that's what you are trying to achieve go for it 
but don't look confused when you're not being taken seriously .... nuff said
~~ Jamie Bond <3 p="">