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Friday, March 7, 2014

#DeathCoast by Dashaun Jiwe Morris Got a Review of 5 Mics by Unmuted Ink

at the AMC theatre in Jersey Gardens Elizabeth, NJ
on March 6th 2014

This artist/ actor/director did it!!!
I went to the #DeathCoast premiere and I walked away with all kinds of emotions.
Regardless of whom you are; man, woman or child, you’ll get something positive from it….

Without giving the movie away I will say this….
I LOVED the fact that he cast regular round tha way type females in it,
although you knew about it, he didn’t glorify drugs, hustling or money.
Dependent upon whatever angle you were looking at it from;
You’d still walk away with a renewed sense of hope for change.
…Realizing that the power is within all of us to WANT it….
one phone call started it and one phone call ended it.

He masterfully showed parents WHY it can happen,
he blatantly showed gang members HOW these things could happen
and then went further to show the audience a simple METHOD
despite pain and ego how it could be toned down or stopped.

All of the emotions were there from love, frustration, confusion, loyalty,
revenge, consciousness, advice, conflict resolution etc.

This was not in the least about glorifying the lifestyle of gang members;
the fact of the matter is this: he carefully depicted where he was in his past,
with a petition to those who can make a difference to look in the mirror
and if you don’t like what you see;
then do your part as a member of your own community to make it better…

Dashaun Jiwe Morris is someone you need to keep your eye on
as not an up and coming but rather, someone who is not going to stop here and just go away,
He is someone who is going to keep it very real…
I see great things for this young man’s future which also inspires others in similar situations
to do what you have to do but also look for better ways to handle situations as essential life skills.

To Sum it up, this isn’t just a movie…
this is a documentary, this is an every hood USA biography
that needs to be in EVERY ONES library catalog.
You literally could not tell this was a low budget non backed movie
and I kept thinking…. DAMMN Imagine if it were WOW!!
DVD now available. THIS IS A MUST HAVE!

~~ Jamie Bond from UnMuted Ink 
#DeathCoast Movie Review gets 5 mics! 

#DeathCoast by Dashaun Jiwe Morris Got a Review of 5 Mics by Unmuted Ink