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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Infernal Deterioration

Infernal Deterioration

His mind was sharp, reactions on point
But his heart was callous just around the edges
As I wedged myself between his mind and soul
He bounced off and jack knifed right off a ledge
A sliding door I saw his brilliance without a score but he was bored
And I had more faith in him than he had in himself I knew he could do more

I saw in him an infrared light, for him I had nothing but pride and love
And my mission was to be his exfoliator HA!! I was his body scrub
Slowly peeling his layers back like I was Mighty Joe with a banana
He kept squatting & swatting at me like a gnat agitated in his pajamas

And So as I courted the essence of his soul in a view so panoramic
I worked on him relentlessly in the love lab like a skilled shop mechanic
Then I resuscitated and resurrected his hopes
Freed his mind from the slave plantation
I bought vision to nonproliferated thoughts
Like I was tha make a wish foundation

He was healed by what I could share, he was alive and strong
Once again he was restored
The hibernating beast within him transformed
Into a jaguar now, plugged in like a power cord
Disgruntled as he saw through all the lies
Coupled with a discomfort in his minds third eye
That he could not describe, couldn’t reach, explain or heal it
Feeling unconsoled & selfish about his self control
Knowing dammn well he can’t conceal it

Externally he was cured, topicort no more;
Yet internally his eczema was itching at his soul
He can’t scratch it he’s gotta match and I could see the inferno
Of a fire, of desire as he aspires despite the next plateau

A flameless fire ignited inside of him
He was tired I could see it in his eyes
A quiet chaos required my rescuing him
From himself just this one last time
Waking up I’m petrified for him
Pleading please get out of the way
Sweating, Heart pounding, screams soundless
But the scenes always same

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