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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Anonymously Incognito


Anonymously Incognito

Relax lay your head down on my lap
Permit me to read something sweet to you
As we sit in the sun against a weeping willow tree
And as I stroke your left eyebrow and put you to sleep

Allow me to stimulate you mentally
Let me be your Autumn Breeze
Confidence precedes me
Yet I’m still a little uneasy

The flutter I feel in my tummy
Feels like when I first fell in love
I feel vulnerable yet excited
I’m having anxiety attacks
My heart is beating so fast
My feelings feel like glass

Wonder if you can see thru me as I continue to read
Can you feel and envision my thoughts as I proceed
I’m reading to you like it’s an unknown source
Anonymous to you to protect my personal thoughts
And someday you’ll realize it was me all along
It’s your job to figure out the tune to my songs

So for now I read to you and you’re content as can be
And you are overwhelmed at the coincidences that seem to be
You say get outta my head: get outta my life
Dang something similar happened to us right?
These poets are always way before their time
Staring up at me wistfully you wish I could rhyme…..

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