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Friday, May 16, 2014

Nicknames the movie Produced by Saladin Newark

I went to see Nicknames the movie Produced by Saladin Newark Directed by Will Green of Foundation Digital at the Citiplex Theater in Newark, NJ.

The movie itself follows the lives of inner city youth and addresses issues that adolescents and adults face day to day and time and time again, such as self-sabotage, sensuality, violence, drugs, peer pressure, reckless decisions, miscommunication and the right way to do things, multi-cultural differences and bullying.

The movie moves fast without losing you and the messages that each character has is thought provoking. I LOVED the multi-ethnic casting and each character of the cast members did an excellent job.

It was funny, sad, empowering, celebratory and healing.I walked away feeling fulfilled unlike an action thriller where you want more of it I was satisfied LOVED the story line and the message being portrayed all the way to the end. I was totally immersed into the story and I believe that it should be in EVERY school. This is a must see movie for sure!

UnMuted Ink gives it 5 mics!!! CONGRATZ!!!