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Friday, November 15, 2013

▶ @bondjamiebond I CRY OUT BY JAMIE BOND from UnMuted Ink - YouTube

▶ @bondjamiebond I CRY OUT BY JAMIE BOND from UnMuted Ink - YouTube
 Tears are Summer showers to the soul.
~Alfred Austin, Savonarola

When I need a way out
I cry out
When I’m frustrated
about things that are overrated
When my heart is overjoyed
and the haters hate it

I cry out for those
who limp and whimper
for those lost souls
who feel faded
like a pair of clippers

I cry out I shout
I walk like my swag has
credit and clout
And I try to live in such a way
So they can say Damm
Jamie just reminded me
What God is about

I cry out
when I got a pocket full of lint
that makes no cents
I cry out with gratefulness
when clarity and disparity
makes sense

I cry out
because I want
more like minded
to have additional
common sense

And I cry out for those
who need a way out
of situations
exhibiting false pretense
In past present
and future perfect tenses

And I cry out because I can
For the weak the meek
the used and abused

For those exhausted spouses
who pay for the other to go away
And for families bearing the brunt
of deployment strains

from the tops of roofs
of others minds with my truths

For those who aren’t comfortable
or accepted in their own skin

I spit Turbulent words
like tropical hurricane winds
Blowing typhoons into their souls
That I now refuse to whisper in

I cry out for the disabled
and differently-abled
and for parents struggling
to put food on the table

My third eye sees and feels
what most will never appreciate
And I cry out for New Jersey
from the bowels of brick city in this
deflowered flowerless garden state

I cry out when folks act like
they have no choice
But to stand by, act shy and tongue tied
When a helping hand, a kind word or quote
Or a hug could have changed someone’s’ life

I cry out because
I battle more negative demons
in my cipher
Than what I could possibly attract
in my past or lifetime for that matter

And I cry out because I can
because I have breath and air
Cause my lungs and my eyes
take in all I can stand

And I cry out
like a warrior in a religious slam
goin hard for my god
even when its against all odds

And I dare
any man to tell me i'm wrong
I dare any woman
to tell me I don’t belong

I cry for the brothers
who insist on treating women wrong
And I cry out for
the lack of empowerment
in a young woman’s song

I SHOUT about injustice
when it feels like its Just US

I cry out
for all of the hate crimes
Committed against
my sisters and brothers

And I cry out to god
so we can cry out for each other

I cry out
And I cry a joyous cry
when everything falls into place
I put life in a choke hold
I cry out on this mic
For all the
black kids UN televised
missing without a trace
When I happen upon like minded
and who meet at this place

for those who can’t let go
of hazardous situations
I cry out for the spiritual lives
of those in charge of congregations

For tomorrows leaders
and for today’s victims
and for the wisdom
of the leaders of our nations
I cry out
for the obvious lack
of energy and absence
of enthusiasm in careers and education
For the safety of those
in the armed forces
and lasting peace in our nation

Then I cry out for myself
and I cry out silent tears in my sleep
And I cry out for you
because you can’t see

I cry out for my moral integrity
and my opportunity to be a blessing to you today
despite my discrepancies and my idiosyncrasies

for the 1 out of 4 kids born with autism
for the lack of participation and activism
and our youths disunity in our communities

And I cry out and I shout
and sometimes I even cuss and fuss
Because it keeps me in check
reminding me to work on myself
Because I’m far from perfect
and redevelopment of self is a must

I’ll continue to cry out
till my tear ducts
transform into stallions
and stampede these streets
Fermenting hope to the helpless
and GODS way supersedes
And my ink will always bleed
and cry for those who are in need
And I wont shut my mouth
till every child in the ghetto achieves!

I cry out for any and everyone
who’s ever been hurt
And I cry out because I’m heard
and I know it WORKS!!!