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Saturday, July 20, 2013



Secretly I think my timing is off by a few days Expressionless eyes behind these shades Lately life lived within a slight haze Spidey senses tingling whispers I told ya so Natural halogen taken to next plateau I take a whiff of nonsense, visibility low High beams unnecessary I see my future ahead of me This dark winding road I'm on has little life Reclined forward riding brakes Slowly avoiding possibility of fate No fog lights on and the wheel I'm hugging Yet I plug ahead and keep on chugging

I am trying to pace myself but I feel like I am moving nowhere fast, I am striving for a better future But I keep getting pulled into the past Nonsense and BS are circulating around my presence But I need to clear my mind and Embrace the happiness essence Sometimes I feel like I am driving on a one-way street But driving the wrong way What am I to make of myself Where am I heading I think I need to pray

Blind sided by caution signs With this winding road I’m on No street lights no guard rails I just feel alone Out of radar for satellite radio to play So I keep moving forward as I pray We all make mistakes we keep hitting brakes No reverse my vehicle only goes forward and uphill Fantasize vehicular homicide if only stress killed Only in my mind tho refusing to give em props I’m the only one on this dammn dark road So why am I gettin stopped by the cops?