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Saturday, January 5, 2013

pain and resentment don't live here....

I realized that embracing my pain or yours

Is an absolute challenge for me

Because... I don't live there

My spirit is too resilient to marinate on hurt...

Have I been in pain? YES!!

Have I been hurt? Yes

Have I felt betrayed? Yes

Have I been disappointed? Yes

Have I been taken for granted? Yes

Have I had a few shady ass people in my life? Oh hell yeah


Those things don't make me....

And they don't break me either

Because I know what love is, faith and loyalty are

I know what it is be at peace and be appreciated

I know what real friends are in my personal cipher

I may be broke... BUT I ain't hardly broken!

Stay Blessed Fam appreciate what you have

Strive to obtain what you don't

Waiting on my another personal downfall

Has nothing to do with YOUR ability to do better for you


~~ Jamie Bond