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Monday, January 2, 2012


A Mother’s Love

seems like just yesterday
in amazement I said honey; look at what we created
Look at what I was blessed to carry for 9 months
there you were looking a little bit like the two of us
swaddled up and winking and smiling up at both of us

thinking how fast time flew for me to give birth to you
no dream could compare to you actually being here
a small hand grasping at mine had me gasping frozen in time
that's all I could whisper listening into echo's in a hall
Lord... I never met an angel before

such an honor to witness you grow right before my eyes
gods mercy and grace was a floodlight in my life
from a cuddly bundle of joy and pride to a curious energetic child
growing and glowing I enjoyed falling in love
watching your eyes twinkle and your dimples dance when you laugh
a young man now look at how times passed

and altho you may have quickly outgrew my lap and knees
my heart has plenty of room for you to grow up like a tree
you'll always be my baby but i see you as a young man
you went from car seats and high chairs to taking out garbage cans

A mothers love for her children is the most potent of potions
the true definition of unconditional love and emotions
I am too blessed to be stressed you are a gift from above
my children fit me like a glove designed to love and be loved
empowering me as a parent i was born to be their mother

~~ Jamie Bond aka IB JB